Suitless Pursuits is a website that my friends and I run together. 

Founded in May 2014, Suitless Pursuits catalogues the pursuit of passion before 9, after 5 and on the weekend. We interview people who work the "usual" 9-5 job but have interesting side jobs or gigs outside of it, people who have given up the corporate life to pursue their side gig as their "main" job, and we also write articles on things that pertain to running your suitless pursuit. 

I'm the editor of Suitless Pursuits, and I also frequently write for it. 

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Obviously, running Suitless Pursuits is our suitless pursuit. The managing team and I went to university together and were also on the student society of our academic program. We quickly realized that we work very well together, and enjoying running this on the side!