Image credit:  Writeography

Image credit: Writeography

Hi! I'm Reina (pronounced like Rayna). 

I'm a Japanese/English bilingual student affairs professional with 6 years of experience in higher education, specifically in the areas of international programs, student advising, communications, social media and program administration. I'm a former international student from Japan, and my background is in communications and social media. More info on my LinkedIn

I'm also a part-time MEd candidate (2017) at OISE, specializing in higher education and student development. 

I'm from Chiba, Japan, and grew up going to an American school in Taipei for elementary school, a public school in Michigan for middle school, and a semi-international school in Osaka for high school. I moved to Toronto at 18 to attend the University of Toronto as an international student.

My hobbies include: dragonboat paddling, weightlifting, traveling, reading, cooking, and eating in no particular order!